Chi è Sophia?

Who Am I?

My world has alwayss revolved around a table, especially my Nonna Isabella, with whom I learned the art of cooking.

Inspired by my family’s recipe book, filled with three generations of recipes and memories, I began to re-invent Italian cuisine combining the best ingredients with healthy options and the best cooking techniques.

My family recipes are respected but updated to reflect my creativity and beliefs.

In my world, there are no refined sugars
or processed foods and whole wheat flour takes the main stage.

I am starting to write a new Italian recipe book, with fresh, natural and healthy ingredients. Vegetables are in abundance, complemented with the best fish and meat.
Foods that are cooked to a minimum, raw or marinated;

Pwood oven prepared food, and a good stew prepared in my Nonna’s pots and pans. These are a few of the wonderful, historical, creative and passionate recipes that leap from my recipe book, onto the dishes of my new restaurant in Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon.

But ultimately, who am I? Do I exist?

That is a secret we will never reveal…


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